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Surgical Waiting List Initiative

Cure Day Hospital Group is zealous about Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and therefore commit their services annually to helping those in need.  Each year CURE Bellville perform 18 tonsillectomies on patients who have been on surgical waiting lists at nearby Tertiary Hospitals.  Each year hundreds of children are put on the waiting list due to emergency or complex surgeries taking priority and initiatives such as these alleviate the pressure on Tertiary Hospitals.

CURE Bellville is a day hospital which operates from Monday to Friday but will be opening their surgical unit on Saturday and donating the theatre time to the project.  With the assistance of two ENT Surgeons, Dr J Botha and Dr J Nell, as well as the surgical team who are all volunteering their time we are able to improve the health and well-being of the children and also lessen the burden on their families.

This year the Spur Foundation, through its Full Tummy Fund, have come on board as a sponsor for the medical supplies needed for each surgery and will be providing refreshments to the volunteers, patients and families on the day.

The Spur Foundation is the entity through which Spur Corporation’s corporate social investment initiatives are carried out.  The Spur Foundation’s motto ‘Nourish, Nurture, Now!” is reflected in the socio-economic development initiatives it supports.  These initiatives aim to uplift and improve the lives of South African families, especially children, in line with its core value of generosity and Ubuntu.  Its Full Tummy Fund mainly focuses on early childhood development and nutrition for children from disadvantaged communities up to the age of six – this includes their health and well-being.