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LITTLE EDEN provides a safe haven for the disabled with the help of Soaring Eagle Spur

According to a Statistics South Africa report 7,5% of the South African population has some form of impairment, yet there is still stigma attached to it.

The families of those who are intellectually disabled often struggle to take care of their loved ones, both in terms of the physical needs as well as the financial burden. As a result, they are often abandoned.

Accommodating 300 residents, LITTLE EDEN Society – comprising of two Homes, one located in Edenvale and the other in Bapsfontein – was founded 52 years ago to serve the community and provide care for those living with profound intellectual disabilities. As with many non-profit organisations, LITTLE EDEN faces an ongoing challenge in terms of funding, and the community plays a critical role in making sure that the doors of the Homes remain open.

Soaring Eagle Spur has previously supported the Home with financial and food donations. ‘The Full Tummy Fund’ – Spur corporation’s non-profit organisation, has also lent a helping hand with the donation of a sound system for their halls. The Fund seeks to give its privately owned franchisees additional charitable support, to make a meaningful difference in the communities in which they operate.

It is further used to invest in early childhood educational and nutritional programmes. The organisation ‘The Full Tummy Fund’ believes that investing in the early development of children can contribute greatly to eradicating poverty in disadvantaged communities.

As part of destigmatising disability, LITTLE EDEN encourages those in the community to visit the Homes and get to know the residents. Beyond donations, the restaurant’ staff also spend time with the residents at LITTLE EDEN.  ”The majority of the residents at LITTLE EDEN have been abandoned” says Nichollette Muthige, PR & Communications Officer at the Home, “We consider it a privilege and time well spent to visit LITTLE EDEN and interact with our residents.”

The disenfranchised in society are often left behind and, in many cases, abandoned. The efforts by LITTLE EDEN go a long way to ensuring that no matter the circumstance, people with profound intellectual disability receive the care they deserve.