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The full tummy fund

The Spur Foundation is the vehicle used to invest in educational development and nutritional programmes.

Although experts agree that the situation for South African children between the ages of 0 and six has improved since 1994, the early childhood development (ECD) sector still faces significant challenges, including institutional capacity – few well-trained ECD staff and little in the line of effective instruction programmes, infrastructure and facility gaps funding and poor nutrition.

Investing in early childhood development is known to be one of the most effective means of eradicating poverty. It is for this reason our developmental focus remains strongly on the first 2 000 days, with particular emphasis on early childhood development and nutrition for children from disadvantaged communities up to the age of six. We know that you can’t teach a hungry child, and during these first, formative years, the essential building blocks for brain and body development are laid.

Our Manifesto

We’re taking the long-term view – South Africa can only grow if we are able to address the developmental challenges facing its citizens. By starting with children in the first six years of life, we are laying a stronger educational foundation upon which a healthier, more prosperous and better society may be built.

Fill a tummy,
feed a mind.

The Spur Foundation

At The Spur Foundation, our developmental focus is strongly on the first 2 000 days, especially on education and nutrition. We know that you can’t teach a hungry child, and during these first, formative years, the essential building blocks for brain and body development are laid.

Your support helps us fund various feeding schemes, educational programmes and training workshops to benefit the most vulnerable in our society: our children. 100% of all donations go directly to our beneficiaries: not a single cent is spent on operational costs. There are many ways you can support our organisation, which are listed below.

Spur Foundation
Meet the team

We have an outstanding team of dedicated and passionate individuals who are committed to the work we do and giving children a better future.

Sacha du Plessis

Sacha du Plessis joined Spur Corporation’s marketing team in 2007; he is now the Group Marketing Executive of the company and one of the founding Trustees of the Spur Foundation. In his personal...

Patrick Lawson
Trustee, Spur Foundation & Group Executive: Brand Strategy, Spur Corporation

Patrick Lawson joined Spur Corporation in 2009.  He has fulfilled many diverse roles in the organisation and now is the leads Group Strategy.  Patrick has a long history of working to uplift those...

Tara Theron
Spur Foundation Manager

Tara previously worked at the Children’s Hospital Trust, the fundraising arm of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. Tara has a degree in Public Relations Management and was a part of...

Moshe Apleni
Corporate Communication & Transformation, Marketing


Elaine Jacobs
Regional Operations Manager, Operations


Vivy Novos
Group Finance Executive, Finance